I’m In Pain: See Physical Therapy OR An Orthopedic Surgeon First?

Assuming this wasn’t a traumatic injury that warrants immediate medical attention I usually advise… PHYSICAL THERAPY. Yes, yes, I am physical therapist. Hear me out. Here is why… 1. Ortho physicians usually wants to see that you tried a course of PT before considering medications, injections or surgery. 2. Insurance companies usually won’t allow MRI […]


dry needling, trigger points

Enough is enough. You have had a nagging injury for as long as you can remember. But why? Most of the stories I hear sound something like this:   “My orthopedic doctor said my rotator cuff has a tear.”   “The knee is arthritic, not much they can do about it.”   “I have fibromyalgia, […]

Pain in the brain: What does it mean?

  Buckle up for a nerdy post, Renegades.   We talk ad nauseam about understanding pain. This subject is important to us, because no matter how often we discuss pain science with our patients, there are always a handful of people who say the same thing.   “So you’re saying that the pain I feel […]

Whiplash: Eliminate Headaches and Neck Pain Quick

Whiplash {The Medical Definition}: an acceleration-deceleration mechanism of energy transfer to the neck. Whiplash {Translation}: Your head got whipped forward and backward really quick dude! The amount of people I see in clinic following rear end collisions continues to increase. In many cases, primary care providers do not recommend patients for rehabilitation right off the […]

A life without pain?

“I would like to make a plea. A plea to stop framing pain as the enemy, a thing to be battled, defeated, beat, eradicated. A thing not to be tolerated, to be vilified and stamped out. Perhaps our emphasis on pain as evil, pain as punishment, pain as suffering is only serving to make pain […]

Cervical radiculousness! – 3 reasons why ‘pinched nerves’ shouldn’t scare you

Why is it ridiculous? First, we’re not talking about cervical radiculopathy (aka pinched nerves). We’re talking about your pain. Often times, people associate their pain with simple diagnoses. They use these diagnoses to label themselves into specific physical disability. “I can no longer do ‘X’ because I have a pinched nerve.” “I used to lift […]

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