About Us

Rehab Renegade.

Who Is Rehab Renegade?

Rehab Renegade isn’t a person. It is our mission. 

Our mission is to challenge the status quo for injury rehabilitation and injury prevention. We empower you to care for your own body with the most up to date and cutting edge techniques available, regardless of your fitness level or athletic ability.

Our Story

“Our goal has always been to provide information that you can trust.”

Rehab Renegade was created by two Physical Therapists, Michael Infantino and Brendan Glackin in Baltimore, Maryland. We had a passion for learning (and still do) and we wanted to share all the cool tips we were finding in our courses and in research studies. A great deal of information on the internet was either outdated, in-effective and even worse, in-accurate. 

We felt morally obligated to contribute to the endless number of blog posts and Youtube Videos already out there. We knew we had a unique voice and that we could provide trust worthy content that works. Our goal is to continue to provide reliable information and resources that help optimize the way you move and prevent injury, both in your fitness endeavors and everyday life.