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2 Road Blocks When Dealing With Pain: Beliefs And Behaviors

    A common question I get anytime we have some success with a patient is, “will the pain come back?” The answer is… maybe. Inadequate sleep, your hobbies (running, lifting weights), your diet, your job, certain postures, your weight can all cause your symptoms to return. The list goes on and on. Identifying what things contribute to your  symptoms can be a game changer.

    One area that is overlooked is how your mind operates. Our BELIEFS and BEHAVIORS can get in the way a lot of the time. If you are very cautious and protected with movement the symptoms can persist. It is important to learn how to put our guard down. Being aware of how our beliefs about the body or pain can influence our behaviors is critical for better outcomes. 

    This video will change the way you think about your body and pain. Check out some more information in our PAIN category.