The Fitness Lover’s Complete Guide To Eliminating Sciatica and Back Pain (Free Online Course)

In our continued effort to empower people to optimize their own health and resolve injury we created a free online course that outlines how to resolve Sciatica and Back Pain. We are providing an extensive PDF document with links to Youtube Videos, as well as a bunch of free resources.

This course was designed for people eager to get back to their fitness endeavors without pain, but anyone can benefit from the principles outlined in this course. Even if exercise isn’t a staple in your life, this course will give you the tools necessary to confidently progress toward an exercise program that is “back safe.”  Going through each module of this course will not only help you resolve pain, but it will also help your prevent re-injury in the future. 

This course is broken down into four sections:

  1. Sciatica and Back Pain Overview
  2. Stopping The Pain
  3. Living Without Pain
  4. Preventing Future Pain

We provide some bonus content at the end that answers the most common questions regarding Sciatica and Back Pain. Questions about medications, medical imaging, exercise, posture, best treatments, etc. In each section we provides videos that help you better understand how to adopt pain free postures and movement strategies. We also go into detail on how to do your exercises with precision. These videos can be found in our Sciatica and Back Pain playlist in Youtube.

I hope you find this detailed PDF helpful and I am excited that we are able to offer it for free. Be sure to watch the videos that we link to and also utilize the additional resources we provided to make your life easier. Feel free to share this with anyone in need.


Download Sciatica and Back Pain Course (PDF)

Other Resources

These are downloadable/printable files for the exercises discussed in the course. Feel free to download these files if it makes your life easier.

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