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    This has been a grueling week so far. We are finishing up our dry needling certifications through Myopain Seminars in Bethesda this morning. After three straight days of getting dry needled in the face, neck and feet I am ready to just pass out face first by a pool somewhere! The authors included today are providing awesome information that any and everyone can benefit from. Sit back and buckle up! Some knowledge bombs are about to be dropped.

    How the Food You Eat Directly Affects Your Mood (Gut-Brain Connection)– Jordan Pie, Changing Habits Nutritionist

    After watching “What’s with Wheat” on Netflix, I was led to this awesome article after a series of random searches. I know, I know, I am not a nutritionist. But I do deal with injury and physical performance on a daily basis. Pretending like nutrition and emotions do not play a role in how our body feels is comparable to thinking that soap and deodorant don’t help keep you clean! “Water only please… eww.”

    This article also contains a great video that explains the connections between our gut and our brain. What we put in our body does matter. I feel your pain, the world of nutrition is constantly changing. It is hard to know what is right and what is wrong with all of the new fads. It also isn’t cheap to eat healthy. If you were guaranteed that making the recommendations in this article could reduce your joint pain, rid yourself of depression and enhance your memory and concentration, would you say no thanks? Check it out!



    Common misconceptions about back pain in sport: Tiger Woods’ case brings 5 fundamental questions into sharp focus– Dr. Peter O’Sullivan

    rehab renegade, back pain, central sensitization

    Peter O’Sullivan wrote this blog back in 2014. For Tiger Woods, it still appears to be relevant today. This article was way ahead of the curve. Following Tiger’s 4th back surgery in April of this year, it’s hard to believe that this article isn’t receiving more attention.

    More literature continues to discuss the misuse of MRI and X-Ray, the impact of your thoughts on pain and our hyper-focus on core strength and pelvic adjustments for pain.

    We tend to look at things like a mechanic; I’ll just snip this and fuse this over here. To no surprise, we are way more complex than that. Read through each of the 5 points made. You and Tiger Woods may have more in common than you thought! (Hint: It is not 14 majors. It could be a DUI, but most likely has to do with how you handle pain).



    Ready to Run– Dr. Kelly Starrett

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    ready to run, kelly starrett

    Running is just running, right? Yes! Until you decide to do it more than 1x/month. To be honest, my guilty pleasure is watching people run. Everyone seems to be running these days. Most of the time it makes me cringe. I can almost predict all of the complaints they will come into the clinic with.

    In the past, I have been cautious when giving running recommendations. Don’t fix it if it’s not broken, right? The more people I see the more I have to call bull shiznittt. This book is a thorough, quick and easy read for all runners. It teaches you how to “run betta” and take care of your own injury. This that fits perfectly with our mission at Rehab Renegade.

    “All humans should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves.” –Kelly Starrett

    We can’t actually believe that our seasoned desk jockeys are prepared to go straight into a run after sitting in a chair for 10 hours each day. Basic knowledge of proper range of motion, running technique, nutrition and recovery are a must for everyone. Pretending like your inability to squat or stand on 1 leg (without leaning like the Tower of Pisa) doesn’t matter, makes me shed a tear… just one. You can try to neglect these basic concepts, or end up on the sidelines for the next 6 weeks looking for a new bike and aquatic therapy program.