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2 Back Savers In The Deadlift

    It is becoming common knowledge among weightlifters that the key to a healthy back is a neutral spine when performing their lifts. However, two faults continue to show up that fall into the category of… “What You Feel Isn’t Real.” In this video we are going to specifically discuss the deadlift. For the most part, these two errors can also be found in both the back squat and the front squat. 

    Error 1: Low Back (Lumbar) Flexion- Pre-Pull

    Unknowingly, people are initiating their deadlift from the ground with a slight rounding of the lumbar spine. In the squat this is often referred to as the “butt-wink.” This typically occurs because of 1) lack of motor control at the spine and pelvis or 2) inadequate hip mobility. Once you use all of your available hip mobility the spine is often sacrificed. 

    Error 2: Low Back (Lumbar)Flexion- Lockout

    One of the more common deadlifting mistakes USED TO BE finishing your deadlift by arching your back. The lifting community has been great about teaching people how to use their glutes. Now what we are seeing is a tendency to finish the deadlift with your glutes while mistakenly creating a posterior pelvic tilt. The posterior pelvic tilt creates rounding, or flexion, at the lumbar spine. Something we do not want to do.

    It becomes somewhat of a motor control, or coordination, drill to actually learn how to contract your glutes without altering your neutral spine position. When the glutes contract you want them to produce pure hip extension, free from any change in your spine alignment. 

    If you can’t figure out why deadlifting is continuing to cause back pain make sure you are not unknowingly performing these two common mistakes.