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We offer customized exercise programs and personal training that help you achieve your goals WITHOUT PAIN, regardless of your current fitness level or experience with exercise.

We want exercise to be a tool that allows you to engage in the activities you truly love. Whether that is sport, travel, work or just spending time with the ones you love.

We will create a customized program based on your fitness experience, goals and physical limitations. Any coach you receive will have a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and/or a 4 year degree in Exercise Science. If you enjoy a certain type of sport or training, we will match you up with someone that is qualified to work with you. 

We will include corrective exercises and strategies for reducing and/or eliminating your pain.  Regular communication and in person or virtual coaching will allow you to continuously work toward your fitness goals while staying healthy and avoiding setbacks.

Our goal is to make you a competent manager and operator of your own body. We will create a customized program designed to eliminate pain, burn fat, build muscle and improve your energy! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do any of these ring a bell?
  • Pain regularly holds you back from exercising and keeps your from doing activities that you love with people you love.
  • You don’t even know if you can work out or what exercises are best because of a diagnosis you received (i.e. arthritis, meniscus tear, scoliosis, rotator cuff tear, degenerative joint disease, etc.).
  • Whenever a new pain shows up you spend countless hours earning your medical degree from Google. More often than not these injuries become constant roadblocks.
  • Your fitness IQ restricts you to walking, recumbent bikes and the occasional jog. You need someone to teach you some new tricks but have no desire to see a personal trainer in a gym.
  • Your fitness IQ isn’t too shabby, you lift some weights, do the occasional yoga class and even go for a jog. Nonetheless, you are far from confident that what you are doing is getting you any closer to your goals.
  • You want to know if you are actually performing exercises appropriately with the right technique, the right resistance and the appropriate intensity.
  • You need someone to be more than just a motivator. You need someone that you can trust to keep you healthy and injury free.
  • Someone that is going to save you Time! [Fitness and injury questions answered anytime. Exercise and rehab programming in your inbox. Future roadblocks and setbacks AVOIDED.]

It is designed to help you become healthier, stronger and leaner WITHOUT pain. 

It is designed to help you turn exercise into a lifelong habit that you actually enjoy because it becomes a tool for preventing pain rather than something that causes pain. 

Rather than avoiding sites of injury we actually help you identify strategies for resolving it; allowing you to perform exercises and recreational activities that you actually enjoy. 

No more lifelong prison sentences of aquatic therapy, recumbent bikes, yoga, pilates or tai chi. Don’t get me wrong, we love these forms of exercises and often incorporate them into your program. But we don’t make them the only exercise.

  1. What if I am a complete beginner

Perfect! This program is designed for people that need more guidance when it comes to exercising. We are going to hold your hand each step along the way.

Also perfect. We have a lot of experience working with more experienced fitness enthusiasts and athletes. We also provide more specific movement screening and exercise prescription for the Weightlifter, the CrossFitter the Runner and the Golfer.

No problem, we actually offer an Online Pain Free Fitness Solution that allows you to workout wherever you please. We have all sorts of tricks up our sleeve and recommendations for exercises with little or even no exercise equipment required. If we feel like you would benefit from a certain piece of equipment we will point you in the right direction for acquiring it.

We don’t just work around them, we FIX them. We have Doctorates in Physical Therapy and Bachelors Degrees in Exercise Science. You came to the right place!

  • Less Pain
  • Fat loss
    • We understand the importance of LGN (Lookin’ Good Naked). More important is the benefits that come with healthy weight loss strategies [reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and musculoskeletal injury]. 
  • Stronger 
  • More Flexibility
  • More Energy
  • You’ll just plane ol’ feel better (better mood, less pain and more confidence).

This depends on whether or not you apply for online or in person coaching. You can message us as frequently as you would like. We can also set up phone calls and video conferencing to help you progress toward your goals. With in-person coaching we offer anywhere from 3 to 12 sessions/month of 1:1 training that combines exercise and rehabilitative exercises to enhance flexibility, muscle growth, aerobic capacity and fat loss.

In order to get the best results possible we require a three month commitment. Our programs are all about long term healthy progressions toward your goals, while avoiding injury. With that in mind your initial program is 3 months in length and regularly updated based on how you are progressing. You can cancel your monthly recurring membership at any point with a 30 day advanced notice. Our clients really come to enjoy customized exercise programs. So we hope you stick around for the long haul.

Yes we do. We offer different levels of nutrition guidance based on your needs. Please reach out to us to learn more.

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