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Pain Free Fitness Academy

Pain Free Fitness Academy

Our Courses Are Unique

Rapid Implementation

Get started from the comfort of your own home. No wasted time driving to medical appointments and sitting in waiting rooms.

All In One Place, Neatly Packaged.

No more Google searching your life away. Everything you need is in one place. The best part is that you can go at your own pace.


Created by Physical Therapists with with Doctorate Degrees and training in Exercise Science.

Our Courses

The Fitness Lover's Guide To Eliminating Sciatica and Back Pain

  • Online course that includes hours of instructional material to resolve Sciatica and Back Pain.
  • Home Exercise plans with step-by-step videos to make sure you are doing everything just right.
  • Detailed guides that discuss everything you need to know about Medications, Medical Imaging, Surgery, Sleep and Sex (without confusing medical jargon).