Our Story

Rehab Renegade was created to empower the reader. We provide the most up to date information and the most effective tools to help you understand and care for your own body! We cater to men and women that strive to feel their best each and every day. Our mission is to put you in the drivers seat when it comes to caring for your body.

We constantly run into the same questions from our patients regarding their own personal injuries. More often than not, the strategies for treatment are easy to implement once taught.

There is an abundance of information on the Internet, but it is hard to know what sources are reliable. You can trust that our content is based on the highest quality medical literature and our clinical expertise.

We felt inclined to begin our project in the city that we’ve called home for the past four years, Baltimore. We invite you, the reader, to join us on our journey as we attempt to educate and empower. We are Rehab Renegade!

 “The aim of medicine is to prevent disease and prolong life, the ideal of medicine is to eliminate the need of a physician.”- William J. Mayo









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