Michael Infantino

Hi, I’m Michael. I created Rehab Renegade years ago with a good friend of mine as a way to share more accurate information on how to actually fix your own injuries. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Maryland. Before Rehab Renegade I worked with a medical team that enhanced the mental and physical wellbeing of injured active duty military in Washington, D.C. by focusing on pain resolution, fitness, sleep, nutrition and resilience. Now I apply those principles to “weekend warriors” and athletes alike. 

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If you’re feeling like you need more personalized help with a nagging injury, pain or your fitness routine, I’m here to help. Click on the tab below to get started.

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If you live in the San Diego region I can work with you face-to-face. I am partnered with a number of gyms in the area and on occasion I will come to you. 

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Take the guess work out of exercise and avoid pain with our personalized Online Personal Training program. We perform an in-person or online consultation and then create a three month personalized training program. During those three months we chat routinely to make sure you stay on track while avoiding injury.