Michael Infantino

Hi, I’m Michael. I created Rehab Renegade as a way to share more accurate information on how to actually fix your own injuries. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Maryland. Before Rehab Renegade I worked with a medical team that enhanced the mental and physical wellbeing of injured active duty military in Washington, D.C. by focusing on pain resolution, fitness, sleep, nutrition and resilience. Now I apply those principles to “weekend warriors” and athletes alike. 

Step 1:Schedule Complimentary Coaching Call

If you’re feeling like you need more personalized help with a nagging injury, pain or your fitness routine, I’m here to help. Schedule a complimentary call to discuss what you would like to accomplish during our in person or virtual physical therapy and/or personal training sessions. 

What We Offer

Option 1:
In Person or Virtual Physical Therapy and Personal Training

If you live in the San Diego region I can work with you face-to-face. I am partnered with a number of gyms in the area or we can perform sessions in your home. We also offer virtual sessions if you do not live locally. Our sessions are often a combination of physical therapy and personal training. If you do not have any nagging injuries we still incorporate corrective exercises and manual therapy to help prevent injury and pain. 

Option 2:
Customized Exercise Programming

Not interested in routine face-to-face or virtual sessions, but would like a customized exercise plan that helps you achieve your goals while avoiding injury and pain?

Take the guess work out of exercise and avoid pain with our customized exercise programming. We perform an in-person or online consultation and then create a three month personalized training program based on your current abilities and past medical history. During those three months we chat routinely to make sure you stay on track while avoiding injury.