1-Hour Treatment Session


You will receive 1:1 care throughout your session that includes both hands on manual therapy and scientifically supported exercises to enhance your strength, flexibility and quality of movement.

If you are only interested in some soft tissue and joint work to help with recovery we provide that too. We will address muscle, fascia and joint with various types of treatment, including:

  • Trigger Point Release
  • Massage
  • Cupping
  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation
  • Stretching
  • Peripheral Neuromuscular Facilitation

6 Session Package

$89/Session  [$60 Savings]

After your initial session we will tell you exactly how many sessions you will need to reach your goal, whether that is purely pain relief or performance related.

10 Session Package

$83/Session  [$160 Savings]

Payment Options

Cash/Check/Credit Card

Flex Spending Account (FSA) & Health Spending Account (HSA)

Do You Accept My Insurance?

We are In-Network with:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

"In-Network" ~ We work with you to determine your insurance benefits and collect your co-pay each visit.  Our billing personnel handle the rest.

We are Out-Of-Network with:

  • United Health Care
  • Cigna
  • Kaiser 
  • Aetna

"Out Of Network"~ Payment is due at the start of treatment, and you will be given a Super Bill at the end of each visit to submit to your insurance.  Upon request, we can submit your claim to your insurance. The amount you will be reimbursed is completely dependent on your insurance plan. All insurance policies are different, but most patients can expect to be reimbursed 40-80% of their session fee.

Why Are You Out-Of-Network With Some Insurances?

This ensures that we are able to provide one-on-one care with every patient.

Most health insurance reimbursement is too low to allow us to provide the quality of care that we think is a must. We believe the most important thing we can offer is a relationship with our clients.

In an effort to provide regular communication, consistent availability and longer duration appointments we have to be selective with which insurances we network with.

We also believe that our style of treatment is more comprehensive. Saving you time and money in the long run.

While most PT and Chiropractic clinics see you 2-3x a week for 30 minutes or less (or while juggling other patients), we usually see you 1-2x a week for up to 60 minutes, one on one. The time and quality we provide means you need less visits, and in the long run end up spending less with us than at traditional PT or Chiropractic offices.


In most cases NO. This is because California is a direct access state.  This means you can be seen without a physician’s referral for up to 45 calendar days or 12 visits.

Inquire About Availability

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