2 Back Savers In The Deadlift

It is becoming common knowledge among weightlifters that they key to a healthy back is a neutral spine when performing their lifts. However, two faults continue to show up that fall into the category of… “What You Feel Isn’t Real.” In this video we are going to specifically discuss the deadlift. For the most part, these two errors can also be found in both the back squat and the front squat. 

Stretching The Wrong Muscles?

Could you be doing more harm than good by stretching the “wrong” muscles? This is a common question and one that deserves more attention.

4 Musts For Achieving Your Fitness Goals This Year

Failed New Year’s resolutions and regular everyday goals tend to fall victim to the same errors time and time again. Accomplishing your health related goals or any goal for that matter will require you to dig a little deeper.