Arthritis Is Not A Death Sentence

We recently posted an IN DEEPTH ARTICLE on this topic at Tony Gentilcore’s Website. To read it click here.  This is a topic that we are very passionate about at Rehab Renegade. Arthritis is often blamed for pain that we can’t explain. It is also used as a “get out of jail free card” to […]

Latissimus Dorsi Mobility and Strength Fix (Backswing)

Getting into a good back swing position requires good hip mobility and trunk mobility. Often overlooked is mobility through the latissimus dorsi muscle. This goliath of a muscle on your back that attaches to the arm could be preventing you from getting a full back swing. As your lead arm starts to raise in the […]

I’m In Pain: See Physical Therapy OR An Orthopedic Surgeon First?

Assuming this wasn’t a traumatic injury that warrants immediate medical attention I usually advise… PHYSICAL THERAPY. Yes, yes, I am physical therapist. Hear me out. Here is why… 1. Ortho physicians usually wants to see that you tried a course of PT before considering medications, injections or surgery. 2. Insurance companies usually won’t allow MRI […]

Dry Needling For Adhesive Capsulitis (FROZEN SHOULDER)

Check out the results following a dry needling session. The wonderful woman in this video had adhesive capsulitis for more than 8 months. She was going through weekly sessions where therapists aggressively stretched her arm to help improve her range of motion. Dy needling is not the ONLY ANSWER, but it can definitely help speed […]


dry needling, trigger points

Enough is enough. You have had a nagging injury for as long as you can remember. But why? Most of the stories I hear sound something like this:   “My orthopedic doctor said my rotator cuff has a tear.”   “The knee is arthritic, not much they can do about it.”   “I have fibromyalgia, […]

3 Ways that Trigger Points Effect Shoulder Impingement

Today we are going to consider how trigger points can contribute to shoulder impingement and pain. Before we go too deep into this, keep in mind that impingement in the shoulder is normal. Shoulder impingement is a quick and dirty diagnosis tossed around by medical providers when they aren’t quite sure what the heck is […]

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