Whiplash: Eliminate Headaches and Neck Pain Quick

Whiplash {The Medical Definition}: an acceleration-deceleration mechanism of energy transfer to the neck. Whiplash {Translation}: Your head got whipped forward and backward really quick dude! The amount of people I see in clinic following rear end collisions continues to increase. In many cases, primary care providers do not recommend patients for rehabilitation right off the […]

A life without pain?

“I would like to make a plea. A plea to stop framing pain as the enemy, a thing to be battled, defeated, beat, eradicated. A thing not to be tolerated, to be vilified and stamped out. Perhaps our emphasis on pain as evil, pain as punishment, pain as suffering is only serving to make pain […]

Cervical radiculousness! – 3 reasons why ‘pinched nerves’ shouldn’t scare you

Why is it ridiculous? First, we’re not talking about cervical radiculopathy (aka pinched nerves). We’re talking about your pain. Often times, people associate their pain with simple diagnoses. They use these diagnoses to label themselves into specific physical disability. “I can no longer do ‘X’ because I have a pinched nerve.” “I used to lift […]

What the F***?

“What the F***?!” I find myself repeating this phrase over and over in clinic. My patients routinely share laundry lists of beliefs and false information related to back pain. Most of the time these ideas are adopted from the media, friends, and more often than not, medical providers. Most of these adopted beliefs only worsen symptoms […]

SLEEP: The forgotten link to CHRONIC PAIN and a host of other diseases

Let me start off by saying that I love helping people get to the bottom of what is causing their pain, but too often I see people overlook their general health. At some point in my physical therapy evaluation, I will discuss sleep, nutrition, exercise, and self-care strategies when trying to eliminate pain. More often […]

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