I’m In Pain: See Physical Therapy OR An Orthopedic Surgeon First?

Assuming this wasn’t a traumatic injury that warrants immediate medical attention I usually advise… PHYSICAL THERAPY. Yes, yes, I am physical therapist. Hear me out. Here is why… 1. Ortho physicians usually wants to see that you tried a course of PT before considering medications, injections or surgery. 2. Insurance companies usually won’t allow MRI […]

Whiplash: Eliminate Headaches and Neck Pain Quick

Whiplash {The Medical Definition}: an acceleration-deceleration mechanism of energy transfer to the neck. Whiplash {Translation}: Your head got whipped forward and backward really quick dude! The amount of people I see in clinic following rear end collisions continues to increase. In many cases, primary care providers do not recommend patients for rehabilitation right off the […]

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