Top 3 Self Soft Tissue Treatments For Epicondylitis

  We are continuing to discuss treatment strategies for common diagnoses that leave us scratching our head. In this post, we are going to give you some tools to treat that irritating elbow pain. In the process, we want to make you confident in being YOUR OWN “First Line of Defense” when dealing with aches […]

The CORE is sexy…but are we missing something?

It doesn’t matter who you are; if you are an Olympic weight lifter, golfer, construction worker, or stay at home parent, you can benefit from exercises that improve mobility and endurance around your spine. The core gets a lot of love in the media. Why? Because it is freakin’ sexy that’s why! While six-pack abs […]

Total Hip Replacement: 2 Critical Considerations for Fitness Professionals and Golf Coaches

To date, approximately 2 million hip replacements and 4 million knee replacements have been performed! With reductions in health care reimbursement, physical therapists have found that they are either receiving less reimbursement for the same number of visits or fewer visits allotted per patient. As these patients move along the healthcare ladder, it is a cool […]

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